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Nineteenth century legislation gave certain rights to agricultural tenants. Depending on the circumstances these rights included security of tenure and the right to receive compensation for improvements or disturbance. This effect of this legislation was complicated by the practice that developed of putting in place either a conacre agreement or an agistment agreement instead of an agricultural ...

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The usual form of Discretionary Trust creates a Trust Fund and identifies a class of beneficiaries who may, at the discretion of named Trustees, benefit from that Fund.  The person creating the Trust (referred to as the Settlor) usually sets out in a Letter of Wishes how he or she would like the Trustees to act.  This Letter of Wishes is not however legally binding.  The members of ...

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Within the last twenty to thirty years the number of newly constructed apartment developments across the province has increased significantly. With the rise of the number of apartment blocks there has come about a marked increase in apartment specific problems caused partly by the market crash and unsold units but also in some circumstances poor planning for future management of apartment ...

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